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Hire kite material in Tarifa

Why paying the plane fee for sport bag ? If you do not want to deal with all the cost and hassle of bringing all your own kite equipment, then it is easy to rent through us. You get to choose kites to suit the wind conditions, and try the latest models. Dragon watersports centre has everything you'll need to enjoy your kitesurf holiday in Spain.

We can give you all the local information you need. Tarifa has a unique weather system with conditions varying greatly from beach to beach. Ask our friendly, English speaking staff for the best kite spot in Tarifa for each wind direction. Reserve in advance by email or by phone to assure availability.

You will need to bring something to prove that you can kiteboard to a safe standard. A certificate from any recognised kite school will do, along with your ID and Credit card.

Dragon kitesurf school carries the latest North kiteboarding equipment. Properly maintained and ready to go, we hire kites, bars, boards, pumps, wetsuits and all the safety equipment needed to enjoy your kitesurf holiday in Tarifa.
 We have kites from 3m2 to 18m2, so you can ride the many varied wind conditions Tarifa has to offer.

Stay safe ! Check the weather forecast for Tarifa, before you go out ( Don´t go too far out to sea, as the wind can change direction.
You can buy rescue vouchers from our kite school in Tarifa, that give you credits to use the rescue boats that operate on offshore windy days during the main season. Ask our staff for more details.


Prices per person

1hr 1/2 day 1 day 3 day 1 week
complete kit 60€ 75€