Learn to kitesurf

Kitesurf lessons in Tarifa

Kite surfing is more than just a sport, it is a way of life... so get started with your kitesurfing holiday!

Throughout the kitesurf lessons safety is our priority. All instructors have IKO, BKSA or VDWS certificate. We teach using the latest kite equipment, with the newest security systems. Every student has helmet, harness, floating vest and wetsuit. Everything is included in the price as well as 3rd party liability insurance and basic accident insurance.
Dragon Tarifa kite school offers kitesurfing courses for all levels, also for children over 8 years old. 
As a safe kitesurfer, you can rent kite equipment or buy the latest or second hand gear in our Dragon kitesurf school in Tarifa.
Every lesson, you can choose from:

  • Group lesson, from 3-4 people.
  • Semiprivate lesson. 2 people, you learn quicker. You have the teacher just for you both, so if you learn faster, he goes faster. 
  • Private tuition. For those who prefer exclusive attention. It does not matter if you are complete beginner, intermadiate rider or just want to nail the latest tricks you are working on. We fit the course to your needs. We also recommend private course for small kids to guarantee full safety.

And if you like kitesurfing in the waves, we also do coaching for surf riding and handling waves for the first time.
Special rates offered for groups, birthday parties, team building or company events.

1 day kite lesson

Simply the best way to discover Kitesurfing! This course is an introduction to this amazing water sport, that became so popular over the last years. Anyone can do it! Our eldest student was 74 years old and youngest 6! You don´t need to be physically strong and a perfect swimmer. All the power of the kite comes through your harness, so even a small child can control the kite. You will be surprised how fast you can learn !
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Beginner kite course

This kitesurf course is for complete beginners, who want to learn kitesurfing in 2 days of lessons. You will discover and experience the secrets of kitesurf, and find it easier than it looks. Once, you get the kite under control, the progression is really fast! So enjoy your holidays in Tarifa, have a great time during the lesson and get wet!
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Intensive course

Our most popular kite course. 3 days full of kitesurfing, fun and adventure. You don´t need any previous sport experience in. Tarifa´s best wind conditions and huge sandy beaches helps make learning easy. And with our newest kite equipment, you will be safely and fast on the board! Let us make your kitesurf holidays an unforgettable experience!
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5 days kite course

From complete beginner to independent kiteboarder. The goal of this 5 days kite course is to teach you all skills you need to get easily on the board and riding. You should become a confident kitesurfer and be able to practice kitesurf safely in any spot. Let´s start with kite-surfing in Tarifa, meet new friends, enjoy the beach and have a lots of fan!
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This kitesurf course is for intermediate or advanced kiteboarders, who already had some kite lesson and they want to reach the next step or they need to refresh the previous knowledge to feel confident again. With an experienced instructor by your side, you will improve quicker and safely. Enjoy your kite surfing in Tarifa and get into the next level.
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Expert level

After learning the basics of kite surfing and riding in both direction, it´s time to improve your technique, to learn to jump or to ride in the waves with the kite. One of the best aspects of kitesurf is there are virtually no limits. Once you learn one jump, another one is already waiting for you! It´s a lots of fun and challenging! Everybody can get it and it doesn´t take as much time as other water sports. So let´s fly!
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Tandem kitesurf

If you like your child to discover Kitesurfing, Tandem is the best way. Tandem is a special way to try this amazing water sport, without to know it. No any experience needed! Your kid will get huge smile on his face after this kite experience :-)
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