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Windsurf lessons in Tarifa

At Dragon Tarifa windsurf school we have everything you need to get started windsurfing. Every lesson you will learn something new, improving your techniques, until you become a competent windsurfer. Tarifa with its weather and windy conditions is the perfect location to learn windsurfing and enjoy your holiday.

We offer beginner courses, advanced lessons and classes especially for kids. You can choose between:

  • Group course, 2-4 people.
  • Semiprivate lesson. Just 2 people per instructor, the progress is faster. 
  • Private tuition. With full attention on just one student the instructor is even better equipped to progress the student. Not only the fastest way to learn, this is also the recommended course for young children.

Dragon Tarifa provides all equipment necessary for learning windsurfing in Tarifa.
Join us for a day, weekend or bank holiday, you will learn something new and have lods of fun !


Introduction to windsurfing

If you have never taken a lesson before or you need to polish your basic skills, this is the class for you. You will be on the board in no time.

  • Wind, spot and safety.
  • How to rig windsurf equipment.
  • Sailing techniques.
  • Balance on the board.
  • Sailing to both directions, basic turns.


For windsurfers with some experience 

Take this advanced course to get your windsurfing to the next level. Choose what you would like to learn or practice.

  • Beach start.
  • Water start.
  • Ride in the harness, in the footstraps.
  • Improve your techniques.
  • Hot to do a jibe.

Booking & Info


Prices per person

2hr 60€
4hr 120€
6hr 180€
8hr 220€
10hr 250€
2hr 80€
4hr 160€
6hr 240€
8hr 300€
10hr 375€
2hr 110€
4hr 220€
6hr 300€
8hr 400€
10hr 500€

Windsurf lesson in Tarifa with Dragon school