Kite Rental & Accommodation

Enjoy the best of Kitesurfing in Tarifa!

Rent your Kitesurf equipment and stay at our beachside Surf House!


What do we offer you?


High-Quality Kite Equipment

At Dragon Tarifa, we provide top-notch kites and boards from North Kiteboarding, ensuring you have the best gear suited for Tarifa's wind conditions.

Expert Supervision and Assistance

Our experienced team offers supervision and hands-on assistance,ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable kitesurfing experience.

Local Insights and Tips

Get valuable information about Tarifa's unique weather system and the best kite spots for different wind directions from our knowledgeable, English-speaking staff.

Convenient Equipment Transport

We streamline your kitesurfing experience by conveniently transporting all the essential gear right to the beach for you.

Beachside Accommodation

Stay at our Surf House, located just a short walk from the beach and Tarifa's town center, offering a comfortable and convenient base for your kitesurfing adventure


Booking Options & Pricing


Kitesurf Equipment Rental:

  • €45/hour, with an additional10€ for each subsequent hour.

Surf House:

Whole House (Ideal for groups or families):

  • Accommodates up to 8 people.
  • Low Season (Dec-Mar): 260€/night
  • Middle Season (Apr-Jun; Sep-Nov): 300€/night
  • High Season (Jul-Aug): 350€/night

Separate Rooms:

  • R1: Ground Floor Single Bedroom: €40/night (€10 extra per additional person/night)
  • R2: First Floor Double Bedroom: €50/night per person (€10 extra per additional person/night)
  • R3: First Floor Triple Bedroom: €50/night per person (€10 extra per additional person/night)
  • R4: First Floor Four-Person Bedroom (with private bathroom): €70/night per person (€10 extra per additional person/night)