Beginner kite course

Learn to kite safely!

Beginner kitesurfing tuition, 2 day course

During this kitesurf lesson for beginners, you will discover the world of kitesurfing and learn the important skills to have the kite under control. You will feel more confident with kite flying and have a lots of practice in the water. It will be challenge full of adventure and new experiences :-) Start with kitesurf safely and with fun!
For this great sport, Tarifa has excellent wind and pleasant climate all year round. Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Tarifa offers adventure and relaxation. Those who come once, usually come back again and again :-)

Content of beginner kite course:

  • Weather, wind, safety.
  • Kite flying.
  • Priority rules in the water.
  • Re-launching kite from the water.
  • Body drag.
  • Water start theory, exercises with the kiteboard.

If you would like to continue this kitesurf lesson with another day, just let us know. You will arrive at the next level in kitesurfing.

What Dragon kitesurf school supplies and what you should bring.
Price includes:
All students are provided with kitesurf gear, wetsuit, harness, life jacket and helmet. There is also in the price 3rd party liability insurance and basic accident insurance.
What to bring:
All you need is a swimming costume or boardshorts, towel, sunblock, something to drink and positiv attitude :-)
Need to know:
How to swim.
Meeting point:
It depends on the wind and weather conditions. But mostly in beach Los Lances, Beach bar Agua, Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain. We will confirm the exact meeting point a day before your kite lesson starts.

Booking & Info


Prices per person

6hr 120€
8hr 160€
6hr 210€
9hr 315€
12hr 420€
15hr 499€
4hr 250€
6hr 360€
8hr 480€
10hr 550€

Learn this amazing water sport in Tarifa with fun and safely !