3 days intensive beginner level Kitesurf lessons

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Master Kitesurfing in Just 3 Days with Our Intensive Course



The goal of this intensive three-day kitesurfing lesson is to equip you with all the basic techniques you need to enjoy kitesurfing independently. Each day brings new learning and plenty of fun, with no prior experience required. Tarifa, known for having the highest probability of wind in Europe, offers ideal  weather conditions for all kinds of water sports. With our latest kites, kiteboards, and experienced instructors, you'll be up and kitesurfing in no time!



What You'll Learn:

  • Understanding weather, wind, and safety.
  • Kite flying techniques.
  • Standing up on the board and riding.
  • Riding in both directions.
  • Safety protocols in water and on the beach.

Interested in extending your lesson? Let us know, and we'll help you reach the next level in kitesurfing.

What Dragon Kitesurf School Provides and What You Should Bring:



  • Kitesurf gear: wetsuit, harness, life jacket, and helmet.
  • Third-party liability insurance and basic accident insurance.


Clothing & Extras:

  • In summer: Beachwear like a T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops, swimsuit, beach towel, a hat, sunblock, water, and sunglasses.
  • In winter: Warm clothing, swimwear, towel, hat, and water.


Meeting Point:

  • The location varies based on wind and weather conditions, usually at Los Lances Beach, near Beach Bar Agua, Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain. The exact meeting point will be confirmed a day before your lesson starts.

Booking & Info


Prices per person

1hr 35€
6hr 200€