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 Surf's Up: Join Dragon Tarifa's Surf School!


Make your holiday in Tarifa perfect by learning to surf with us. Our Dragon Tarifa Surf School, welcomes everyone, whether you're a beginner or intermediate surfer. We tailor our surf lessons to match your skill level. Classes are available every day, all year round, so you can learn at your own pace.

Learning to surf is easy with our stable, foam surfboards, suitable for all ages. We even have special training programs for kids starting from age 7. Choose from different types of lessons: group lessons for fun with others, semi-private lessons (2 students) for quicker learning, or private one-on-one classes for personalized attention. We also offer a special 10-hour package deal.

All the necessary equipment for your surf course is provided free of charge. Also, be sure to check out our guide on priority rules in surfing.



Tarifa is one of the best locations for you to learn to surf. The waves here are not too strong, providing a safe environment for you to master the basics of surfing. This makes it an ideal spot for learners of all ages, including children, allowing you to comfortably and securely develop your surfing skills.


During your surf classes, you will learn:

  • Ocean Knowledge: Understanding waves, currents, and tides (the periodic changes in sea level).

  • Surf Technique: Theoretical instruction on the beach, including how to stand up on the board.

  • Rules in the Water: Essential guidelines for safe and respectful surfing.

  • Paddling Position and Duck Dive: Techniques for effective paddling and submerging under waves.

  • Balance on the Board: Skills for maintaining stability while surfing.

  • Catching Waves: Techniques for identifying and catching waves.

  • Wave Riding: Strategies and skills for riding waves effectively.



Can you surf on your own? Just rent a surfboard!

If you feel confident enough in your surfing skills, we offer surf gear rental, delivered right to the oceanfront, so you don't have to worry about transportation. Just focus on the waves!

Renting Details:

  • Minimum: 2 people

  • Price: €50 for 2 people

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Every additional hour started: plus 10€



Booking & Info


Prices per person

1hr 35€
1hr 40€
1hr 60€

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