Surf per principianti

Enjoy your surf holiday in Tarifa !

The lesson begin on the beach with theory, how to hold the board, how to lay on the board, technique how to stand up, how to hold balance (be ready to drink a lots of salt water :), how to paddle out and how to catch the waves. After this introduction to surfing on the beach you continue the practice in the see, trying to stand up on the board and surf small waves.
We run group lessons, semiprivate (2 to 1) or private classes (1 to 1). Every lesson takes 2 hours or you can have special price for pack of 10h.

During your surf classes you will learn:

  • ocean knowledge, all about the waves, currents, tides (periodic change of the sea level)
  • surf technique, theory on the beach how to stand up
  • rules in the water
  • paddling position, duck dive
  • balance on the board
  • how to catch waves
  • waves riding

With our stable and foam surfboards, it is easy to learn to surf for everybody. Safety and fun is our priority.

Private surf classes

Whatever your surf level is, from novice to an expert; if you want to learn the basics of surfing, some new tricks or just perfect your surf technique, private lesson is good choise for you. It is tailor to your exact needs. You will be surprised how much you can achieve during the one on one session. It is fun an very effective way of learning or improving. If you already have some surfing experience, let us know.

What Dragon surf school supply and what you should bring:
All students are provided with the surfboard and wetsuit. There is also in the price 3rd liability insurance and basic accident insurance.
Clothing & Extras
In summer: Beach wear as a T-shirt, short and flip flop, swimsuit, beach towel, a hat, sunscreen, water and sunglasses.
In winter: Warm clothing, swim wear, towel, hat, water.
Meeting point:
We meet us in surf shop Dragon, in Polígono La Vega in Tarifa. See the map.

Prenotazioni e info



1o 35€
1o 70€

Learn to surf in Tarifa with all your family!